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The best place to start is discussing the various treatment options with your Doctor and developing an overall plan.  There are often other treatments to go along with bracing that will also be of benefit.  A weight bearing (e.g. standing) X-ray of the knee is the next step in the process, this helps to determine the extent of the arthritis and aids in the design process of the knee brace.....

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There are many bracing options that will help to support your foot to prevent the toes from dragging and make it easier to achieve a more normal gait pattern. Your first step would be to discuss your concerns with your doctor and get a detailed prescription.

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The best way to figure out what is happening here is to see your doctor and get a prescription to come see a Certified Pedorthist.  Your Certified Pedorthist will perform a thorough assessment to determine your needs and discuss what options with you...

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Pedorthic assessments are one of the most important aspects of my work and a considerable portion of my weekly clinic time is devoted to them. Many patients come to my clinic with persistent and unexplained foot, ankle, knee, hip or back pain. A complete and thorough pedorthic assessment enables me to determine if the pain they are experiencing is related to poor foot structure or biomechanics. At the end of the assessment, I am able to clearly explain their medical condition to them and to recommend an individualized treatment plan that addresses the causes of, and contributing factors to, their condition rather than just the symptoms.

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We often hear, “what is the best shoe or brand of shoe on the market”? The easy answer is…it doesn't exist! This is because your feet, and how they move, is completely unique to you. However, there are a couple of important factors to keep in mind:

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There are countless options in regards to knee sleeves and knee wraps. Often these are used when compression of the knee provides some support and pain relief. While the support may vary so to can the condition of the knee that needs this treatment option. Most designs do not provide a high level of support but work well in mild cases. When considering a knee sleeve or support, consider the following:

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