Appointments - What to Expect?


On some cases you may receive what you require in one appointment as we do stock some items. Generally speaking you will have at least two appointments; one for the assessment and casting, the second will be the fitting of the device we have manufactured for you. Some patients may require some follow up appointments to check the function of the device and potentially adjust it.

First Visit

Initially, when you check in for your appointment we will likely have some forms for you to fill out. We ask that you arrive five - ten minutes early for your appointment to provide time to complete these forms. Your assessment will take about 30 minutes - 1 hour in which the clinician will discuss your history, the nature of the condition being treated and any other relevant information. Along with gait analysis and physical evaluation of the affected region of the body involved, they will recommend the best treatment plan. From there, they would proceed with casting and gather any information required to manufacture the device.

Following Visits

Subsequent visits can range from approximately 15 - 60 minutes in length.  Your clinician will recommend follow up appointments if required but in most cases we ask for patients to contact us if they have any concerns.

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