Clinical Team
Meet Our Certified Team


Mr. Kevin Shopland CO(c)

Mr. Shopland joined Karl Hager Limb & Brace in 2006 after job shadowing our head Orthotist and past clinic owner, Mr. Frank Hayday CPO (c). At the time Mr. Shopland had recently graduated from the University of Calgary with a B.Sc. in Kinesiology.  After gaining interest in the Prosthetic and Orthotic field, he pursued one of the few available spots in the Orthotic and Prosthetic program offered at the British Columbia Institute of Technology. Following his successful completion of the two year program, Mr. Shopland began his two year residency working with his colleagues and supervisors Mr. Frank Hayday CP.O(c) and Mr. Al Heaver CO(c). Mr. Shopland has since become a Certified Orthotist and has a special interest in sports medicine and lower extremity Orthotics. He is an avid triathlete and skier, and has competed in many multisport endurance events and is a two time Ironman finisher.

Mr. Steve Stredulinsky C.Ped.(c)

Mr. Stredulinsky recently joined Karl Hager Limb & Brace and is excited to be joining us.  After graduating from the University of the Fraser Valley with a Kinesiology degree in 2008, he successfully achieved his Pedorthic Certification May 2013.  After a two year Pedorthic stint in Calgary, Steve has made the move to Edmonton.  Having both a love for the performance side of custom Foot Orthotics and the Medical side of Custom Foot Orthotics, he brings his passion for patient treatment to every appointment.  Mr. Stredulinsky is available for patients who may require Custom Foot Orthotics, Custom Footwear, or shoe modifications.  Mr. Stredulinsky has also been on the Social Media Committee for the Pedorthic Association of Canada for the past 3 years, and frequently contributes insightful blog posts.  Mr. Stredulinsky has been an elite level athlete in both the Track and Field event of Shotput as well as the winter sport of Bobsleigh, which he competed in for the past 3 years.  Outside of work, Steve enjoys spending his time with his wife, Son and dog Oj, and reading and writing, which has become even more evident now, with the beginning of his young career as a published author.

Mr. Jaron Yeo

After graduating from the University of Alberta with a B.A. in Recreation, Sport, and Tourism, Mr. Yeo pursued a career in Prosthetics and Orthotics. This took him to George Brown College in Ontario where he completed the two year Prosthetics and Orthotics Technician program, and then to the British Columbia Institute of Technology where he recently graduated from the two year Prosthetics and Orthotics Clinical program. He is currently completing his residency under Mr. Shopland and Mr. Stredulinsky. Mr. Yeo is an avid hiker and enjoys boxing while not at work. His free time is spent working on projects in his garage. From building his computer to redesigning his home office chair, he enjoys customizing and building an assortment of products in his life.

Mr. Jim Boist – Registered Technician Orthotics – R.T.O. (c)

Mr. Boist has been working at Karl Hager Limb & Brace since 1991. Jim was directly involved as a supervisor in our “knee brace department” for many years. His efforts and recommendations supported the growth of this portion of the businesses significantly over his tenure in this role. His contributions to the processes in which many are still followed today, are a reflection of his understanding of producing quality devices in a timely manner. Currently, Jim most often manufactures various styles of foot orthotics, ankle foot orthoses, and knee ankle foot orthoses. Jim has many talents and is a great resource and support technician within the lab.

Mrs. Angie Stayko – Registered Technician Orthotics – R.T.O. (c)

Mrs. Stayko is one of our longest serving employees and is our only female technician. Since 1989 there is very little that she has not been involved with. Her skill set was first observed with using a sewing machine and creating custom cotton spinal supports. Her attention to detail and skill of using a sewing machine was only the beginning. Today, Angie manufactures various styles of foot orthotics, ankle foot orthoses, leather devices, shoe lifts, spinal supports, and will often be the one custom modifying a “stock, off the shelf” item producing a more intimate custom fit device.


Rebel - Office Dog

Rebel joined the clinic in 2019 when she was almost two years old.  With a calm demeanour and a gentle heart, she enjoys getting attention from anyone that will provide it to her.  Often, she will stand or sit in our reception area while getting her head scratched or rubbed.  When not in the office she loves running in an open field or finding water to swim in.

Marley – Therapy Dog

Marley, a brown labrador retriever, welcomed our patients since 2006 when she was 11 weeks old up until fall of 2017 when her time with us came to an end.  She had a gentle heart who loved people and seeing who was coming though the doors next. Her friendly, calm demeanor and lovable face welcomed her into the hearts of many patients. She loved a good run outside and when there was water around you were sure to find her in it!  We appreciate everyones compassion and memories of Marley.

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