About Karl Hager Limb & Brace

Karl Hager founded Karl Hager Limb & Brace Ltd. in 1977.  Following the sudden and unfortunate passing of Mr. Hager, the company was operated on a part time basis in an attempt to service Mr. Hager's clients. Though his clients were cared for effectively and attentively, the growing business required full time concentration. In 1979 Mr. Frank Hayday & Mrs. Rosemarie Hayday purchased the company from Mr. Hager's estate and operated the business until 2010.

Though Karl Hager Limb & Brace is a comprehensive Orthotic company, it has become very well known over the years for its custom-made knee orthoses that are designed and manufactured in Edmonton since 1982. The T.C.K.O. was our first design then followed by the Double X graphite knee Orthosis in 1986. The Flex X and Neutralizer thermo molded knee orthoses were released in 1995, and then the Accelerator Graphite knee Orthosis in 1997.  The Blade Runner was designed in 2003 with the Victory being our newest brace fabricated utilizing new techniques and advanced carbon fibre materials.

Karl Hager Limb & Brace Ltd. has seen many changes over the years. Our company has endeavoured to provide disabled Canadians with the best available, "Technology for Motion." We pride ourselves on the service and products we provide. This attribute has been the largest contributor to client and corporate success. With this shared vision the team at Karl Hager Limb & Brace is confident that it can continue to provide "Technology for Motion" for Canadians well into the years to come.

Core Purpose:

Enrich lives by maximizing physical potential.

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