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When designing a Prosthesis the various mechanical components seem endless.  With continuous new designs there are numerous hands, elbow joints, knee joints, and feet just to name a few of the different components that are involved when building a prosthesis.

We understand that client care is very important.  This is why our Certified Prosthetists conduct a full assessment to help determine what style of prosthesis will work the best for you.  If you have a question or concern about your prosthesis please call our office.

Upper Extremity

These are a few adaptive devices that will aid you in getting back to participating in activites that you enjoy.

Upper Extremity Prosthetics Include:
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Lower Extremity

Just like upper extremity Prosthetics the lower extremities also have numerous different styles and components available.  We want to work with you and develop the best prosthesis for you.

Lower Extremity Prosthetics Include:
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