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Neutralizer O.A.
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The Neutralizer is for the person with medial or lateral Osteoarthritis.  The Neutralizer corrects the knee alignment to a "neutral" position preventing bone on bone contact that creates pain in the knee.

This proven technology permits reduction of knee pain caused by osteoarthritis. Increased comfort and stability from a brace can lead to greater mobility and enjoyment of recreational activities.  This alternative is a great solution when surgery is not yet an option or will be a long wait.

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Detail Description
- Hand crafted, custom made to patient mold
- Supracondylar suspension to prevent migration
- Corrects valgus or varus deformity of the knee joint
- Lightweight & low profile thermoplastic frame
- Heat moldable
- Polcentric hinge for natural knee mechnics
- Extension stops 0 - 30 degrees
- Choice of colour or custom graphic finish
- Modular component design for easy maintenance
- Provides medial or lateral relief for compartmental osteoarthritis
- Suitable for all ages and activity levels
- Custom modifications available for use with sporting activities
- Designed in 1995

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